Women’s Libido

Women’s sexual drive may waver over the years. Highs and lows are most common with the changes in the flow of life, like pregnancy, menopause or ill health. These changes bring yo-yo in their sex dreams. There are some medications to help women in achieving sexual arousal.

The lack of interest in sex makes the worrying state for some women, causing personal distress. This condition having a lack of arousal in sex is termed as sexual interest or arousal disorder.


Having no interest in sexual activity is the primary symptom of women's libido. There may be times where your partner seeks you for his sexual arousal, but you are in no mood to accept it more often. Similarly, you might have noticed the sex drive becoming weaker or less than comparing it to the once, where there were full of energy. This huge missing of energy may put you in distress. However, other symptoms include:

  • Having no interest in or losing faith in masturbation.
  • Sexual thoughts and feelings are becoming less than before.
  • Feeling tough or disinterested in initiating sex.
  • Pleasurable sensations are off even the sex organs are stimulated.
  • Absence of pleasure from sex.


The desire for sex is based on the overall wellness of our life. It has huge dealings with our physical wellness, beliefs, lifestyle changes, emotional well-being, relationship and some other matters associated with it. If there are any difficulties in attaining any of these areas, it can affect your sexual wellness.

Physical causes: The physical causes responsible for low sex drive include:

  • Pain or orgasm failure can reduce the desire for sex.
  • Smoking and usage of certain drugs lower the chance of sex drive.
  • Surgery related to the genitals may affect sexual function.

Hormonal changes: Changes in the hormonal level, affects the desire for sex.

  • Menopause drops the estrogen levels to make the transition. This hormonal change makes women, less attracted to sex.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding may lower the interest in sex.

Psychological causes: mental health issues like depression or anxiety lets to lower sex count. Also, poor body, previous failed attempts in sex and low self-esteem make your sexual life unenhanced.


There are several medications to help sexual unwellness. Usage of Bremelanotide and Fibanserin will boost your sexual arousal brings you back on the track. Taking to the sex therapist may benefit you to get the feelings of intimacy and desire back to you. Also, hormonal therapy is best suited for severe problems with sex.