Stay safe at your home. Our doctors are available for consultation online. Through Doctor Trek, we help you stay healthy. We harness the power of technology, simplicity, and knowledge to bring health and happiness to you, wherever and whenever you need. Our wide range of services is at your disposal 24/7.


Our Telemedicine services help doctors to diagnose and treat patients by harnessing the power of telecommunications technology. Though the concept of Telemedicine is new to India, it is fast catching up with the population and making a striking difference to healthcare infrastructure in the country.

Doctor Trek’s Telemedicine services are available to patients who are based even in rural areas where specialists are hard to find by. Our medical experts with their years of experience and ability to use technology will provide necessary assistance to patients as and when the need arises. The internet age that we are all living in has made this trend possible and with each day, remote healthcare is being delivered to Indians in their workplaces, homes, and other places.

Our Telemedicine services mean you will no longer be required to visit a clinic or a physical healthcare facility to avail clinical services. With these services at our disposal, managing your chronic conditions becomes easier than before. What’s more, our specialist consultation and a wide range of medical services can be availed in a secured way through audio and video connections.

Benefits of our Telemedicine services:

  • There is no exposure to other possible contagious patients
  • You can concentrate on your work whilst getting required medical assistance
  • Privacy
  • Less wastage of time and travel expenses
  • Experienced and qualified doctors
  • Best-in-class Telemedicine infrastructure

With the world becoming more technology savvy, healthcare service providers have embraced new practices that are slowly but surely replacing basic or traditional services like writing out a prescription. Doctor Trek has embraced this trend and provides E-Prescription services that are directed toward not just reducing paper works but also cut down on the risks associated with paper-based prescriptions.

Our E-prescription services are available to you quickly and in a hassle-free way. In addition, there are no chances of the prescriptions getting damaged or misinterpreted. The objective of these prescriptions is to help connect physicians and pharmacies in a seamless way.

Virtual Consultation with the Doctor

Doctor Trek facilitates virtual consultation with the doctor online whenever you want. What is remarkable with this service is that you will no longer have to wait in long queues or handle traffic jams that a norm these days. With our virtual consultation services, you can get in touch with the best doctor in real-time but in a virtual way.

Our virtual consultation services are available across different specialties. Furthermore, these services are designed to let you choose the doctor and talk to him or her right away. A small consultation fee is charged for users in accessing this service.

So, the next time if you are feeling cold, breathing problem, fever, or cough then worry not. Doctors are there on Doctor Trek to assist you all the way through. Book virtual consultations with any of our doctors and get assured medical assistance right away. In availing this service, a time-slot will be provided for you to consult with the doctor. Once the diagnosis is done, the doctor may suggest tests for further treatment or provide a simple prescription for you to follow.

Why should you choose a virtual consultation with our doctors?

  • There are hundreds of verified and certified doctors for you to choose from
  • Helps save time and money that you would have spent on offline consultation
  • Access to healthcare round-the-clock
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction