Post Pregnancy

The post-pregnancy or the post-partum period begins after delivering the baby and it goes on till returning to the pre-pregnant state. Adopting the motherhood and taking care of baby and yourself is a challenging one. Especially In the days of post-partum, there will be both emotional and physical changes. It’s better to learn how to adopt these changes.

Being a mother to a newborn is not that easier. You may experience sleepless nights and look after the child, breastfeeding them and changing the clothes, etc.., So, it is good to adapt to the new routine. Here are some tips for an easier transition.

Handling the first menstrual period:

During pregnancy, women get free from the menstrual period and after the days of childbirth, some women are curious to know about the post-partum cycle. The return of periods depends on breastfeeding. The period starts only after leaving the breastfeeding. The one who exclusively breastfeeds might not get the periods until they stop. "Exclusive breastfeeding" means in the sense, the baby receives only breast milk. For some women, the period returns irrespective of the breastfeeding.

The doctor might recommend avoiding the tampons if the period returns quickly after the vaginal delivery. It is to avoid the trauma as the body is healing slowly. So, it is better to avoid the pads after the post-baby menstruation.

Get plenty of rest:

In the days of the newborn, babies tend to wake up after every three hours and need to be fed. So, you may not get a solid sleep for 8 hours. It is good to sleep when the baby sleeps. To cope with the tiredness and fatigue, get some rest whenever it is possible.

Seek help from the family or friends:

Try to seek help from the family members or friends to look after the other things in the family for some days. During the post-partum period, your body needs healing. So, there should be a much-needed break until coming back to normal.

Get good nutrition support:

Getting good nutritional support is a must needed to promote healing and coming back to normal. An increase in the intake of proper nutritional diet mixed with grains, vegetables, fruits, and protein helps in breastfeeding.


It’s ok to go for a walk near to the house. But heavy exercise to the body should be avoided. Consulting with the doctor is better before undergoing the exercise.