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Health Tips

The Art of Living A Healthy Life

The Pandemic has taught us a lot or may we say it has reiterated what has been said in our Vedas millions of years ago. The Sashtras have always emphasized on the importance of Yoga, Art of eating right, The Moderation of eating, sleeping, defending, and mating. So, to acquireRead More

Artificial Intelligence Enhances Telemedicine

Many industries today have started to apply intelligent machines in their everyday activities.  That’s why the web is filled with discussions on Artificial Intelligence. Smart computers are changing the way we do things, and as time goes on, we’re going to be seeing lots of changes.  In this era, we’reRead More

Impact of Telemedicine Practice Guidelines

India’s healthcare industry is set for a massive transformation with the creation of telemedicine guidelines that have been laid down by the Medical Council in collaboration with NITI Aayog. The impact these guidelines will create will be substantial given that the country as vast and varied has India is grapplingRead More