Birth Control

Contraception or birth control is a precautionary measure to control fertility by using certain pills and devices to escape pregnancy. Birth control gives you the choice to make children, only when you wish to have. Women can get pregnant only if the sperm reaches the ovary.

The contraception keeps away the sperm apart from the ovary leading to the absence of fertility. It gives you the safest sex practices along with the family planning ideas.


Birth control is happening since the long back and usage of the devices is due to the recent advancements.

The traditional forms of birth control are:

·         Withdrawal: withdrawal also known as coitus interruptus, is the removal of the penis from the vagina during ejaculation. As the ejaculation takes place outside the sperm doesn’t get into the vagina.

·         Abstinence: abstinence or celibacy means avoiding sex practices, especially intercourse.

There are several devices to help contraception which are as below:

ü  Condoms: Condoms are very effective in birth control and preventing STDs. It is a thin tube fitted on the penis or vagina before sex.

ü  Pills: Birth control or oral contraceptives are the medications taken to prevent the formation of pregnancy. It is better to consult with the doctor before taking pills.

ü  Vaginal ring: It is a small round shaped flexible ring inserted in your vagina. So, there is no chance for the sperm to enter into the egg.

ü  Sponge: The contraceptive sponge is a small round shaped plastic sponge covering the cervix with spermicide. The spermicide slows down the sperm and blocks it from reaching the egg.

ü  Diaphragm: A soft silicon cup is placed in the area of the cervix, stopping the sperm to reach the egg.

ü  Cervical caps: Cervical caps are very similar to the diaphragm but smaller in size. The cervical caps can be placed longer than the diaphragm.

ü  Injections: The injections or the shots are used every 3 months to making the birth control measures. It contains a hormone called progestin which makes the cervical mucus thicker. So, there is no room for the sperm to enter the egg.

ü  IUD: The IUD or intrauterine device is a T shaped device fixed on the uterus by the doctors. The copper IUD device blocks the sperm, by making a gate outside the ovary. It may be fixed inside up to 10 years. The hormonal IUD is another type of IUD thickens the cervical mucus and prevents the sperm from out to the ovary.



These are the pregnancy control devices which are placed on the vagina or penis. These devices also help in safe sex practices to avoid getting affected by sexually transmitted diseases.