Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder or manic depression is a lifelong condition that can be a big disruption in an individual’s daily life, causing intense variation in energy levels, moods, and emotions.

This health problem can occur at any age, but it varies more in 20+ adults rather than in children and teens.


There is no exact cause of bipolar disorder but because of the factors it occurs are as following,

Biological disorder: This problem can take place in people with unhealthy.

Inheritance: People who have parents or any other family members with this problem can also be diagnosed with it due to biologically Inheritance

Natural traumas: people who have had to face any sort of accidents or episodes in their life, which affected them emotionally and mentally leading to this disorder


Symptoms of this disorder episode vary from person to person as everyone developed it from their traumas or stress.

In children and teens, the prominent symptoms can be frequent irritability and major mood swings, which are different from their regular moods.

 In adults, mental health patients have episodes that can last up to several weeks.

·         Mania and hyper mania is a type which causes high where the person feels very energetic or agitated and have more severe noticeable changes like being more talkative, having racing thoughts, feeling of euphoria

·         Depression, feeling inactive, and low, and it is less intense than mania, which causes symptoms like distractibility, jumpy, and having sleeping issues


There’s no accurate way to treat this problem, but some precautions can be followed to prevent the worsening of an individual’s condition.

Doing as directed by the doctor: Patient with this health condition are tempted to not listen to anyone but using different strategies to help them take medicines prescribed by the doctor

Addressing symptoms: as per due to the period, you must have understood the patterns and signs of what triggers the patient, so those things should be avoided, but if still, the condition gets out of hand, immediate contact with the doctor id mandatory.

Avoid liquor: Usage of alcohol or drugs with the treatment while taking medicines can worsen the situation, so no type of drug should be in the hands of the patient.


·         Poor work or academic activity

·         Involving in illegal activities like drugs and alcohol

·          Attempting self-harm like suicide

·         Facing financial issues


·         Bad relations.