Baby Rashes and SkinCare

Newborn skin is extremely sensitive and is susceptible to trauma if proper care is not taken. In newborns, rashes are extremely common. During the newborn period, there will be various dermatologic skin problems.

Skin lesions in neonates are more common and one should know the difference between non-significant and serious lesions.

Examination of the whole skin of the baby is important even if the rash seems localized, which should be mainly evaluated by a dermatologist.


An immature epidermal barrier makes the baby skin dry and vulnerable to trauma, Strong emollients, and negligence of frequent intervals of nappy change lets to congenital disorders and infectious diseases.


  • Transient vascular phenomenon
  • Erythema toxicum Neonatarum
  • Transient neonatal pustular melanosis
  • Acroputsulosis of Infancy
  • Neonatal Acne
  • Milia
  • Miliaria
  • Diaper dermatitis
  • Dimpling
  • Umbilical Granulomas
  • Collodion baby
  • Neonatal Pemphigus

      • White pimples
      • Fever
      • Hotflush over the affected area or in some whole body
      • Red pimples
      • Red and sore skin
      • Acrocyanosis
      • Yellow/white small superficial cysts
      • Flaccid blisters on the skin
      • Nodules
      • Crusts
      • Macular rash
      • Papular rash
      • Vesicular rash
      • Red welts


      Vernix, which is a thick waxy coating should be left on the baby's skin and should not be removed. The skincare of neonates is very important as they have very sensitive and alkaline skin and are more prone to infections and dehydration. Make sure to avoid allergic products, dyes, perfumes which can easily irritate the sensitive skin of newborns.

      Regular intervals of nappy changes have to be done to avoid perineal skin irritation. Baby skin should be cleaned with warm water (around 37 degrees Celsius) using soft cotton balls or soft disposable towels. Wipes should be free from fragrance and alcohol. To avoid infection to the umbilical region it must be kept dry and clean and make sure the umbilical region is exposed to natural air more often.

      Excessive use of baby skincare powders can block the sweat duct pores and leads to rashes. The most economical and safe emollient for baby skin is coconut oil. After completion of the bath, the baby should be wrapped in a soft cloth and make baby dry. Adult skincare products should not be used for baby skincare