Baby Diarrhea

Babies usually pass stool of varying consistency and it is looser than adult stool. The consistency can also change based on the baby's diet. However, if your baby is passing stool that is much looser than usual and at high amounts your baby might be experiencing diarrhea.


Causes of diarrhea in babies include infection by a virus, parasite or bacteria, also known as gastroenteritis, a food allergy, poisoning and drinking too much fruit juice.


Be aware that diarrhea can easily cause a baby to become dehydrated, you should be particularly careful if there is accompanied vomiting. Some warning signs to look out for include if the baby is peeing less often, is unusually sluggish and tired, has dry lips, is being unusually fussy and irritable, and if the baby's skin is not as elastic as usual (it doesn't spring back if you pinch and release it gently).

Some more severe symptoms can include fever, belly pain and blood or pus in the baby's stool. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should bring your baby to the doctor immediately.

Another good criterion to use is if your baby has had very loose stool six times or more in the pass twenty four hours or has vomited three times or more, then you should bring your baby to do the doctor as soon as possible.


Once you bring your baby to the doctor, the doctor can give the baby a number of treatments. Primarily, this will be some form of antibacterial or anti-parasitic agent. If your baby has lost too much fluid due to the diarrhea the doctor will put your baby on an IV drip to help rehydration.

The doctor might also recommend giving your baby oral rehydration salts which you can buy over the counter. These salts contain the electrolytes your baby has lost due to the diarrhea. The doctor might also recommend changing the baby's diet to bland starchy foods (if the child can eat solid foods) and the breast feeding mother might need to change her diet too.

Please do not buy over the counter anti-diarrheal medication for a baby as it will not work well.

In conclusion, if your baby is experiencing unusually loose stool too many times, bring your child to the doctor for a proper evaluation and do not buy over the counter medication for your baby without the doctor's advice.