The Art of Living A Healthy Life

The Pandemic has taught us a lot or may we say it has reiterated what has been said in our Vedas millions of years ago. The Sashtras have always emphasized on the importance of Yoga, Art of eating right, The Moderation of eating, sleeping, defending, and mating. So, to acquire happiness, we need to have a balance lifestyle. In the Bhagwad Gita, Krishna states that eating too much food or starving or an imbalance in the sleeping pattern do not give health friendly results. Moderation in thought processing, recreation and actions is the secret to healthy living.

Our biological clock is forever ticking so let us try to be as disciplined as possible. The last few months have restrained us from all the luxuries, making us realize that the artificially created demands are only to manipulate our minds in believing that it is a need. We have now learnt to live without innumerable “matters” that were a compulsion till late. The wise have now become wiser.

As a pivotal point of our existence our health should be our priority always. Be it as a prevention or a treatment, one must focus on health. This Covid-19 clearly announced and proved; Health is Wealth. Like all industries, Health industry has also witnessed a change with the changing eras. It has evolved from doctors visiting homes to doctors having physical clinics to now doctors helping and reaching out virtually to the needy. The noble profession has seen changes from one end to another. Simple medications made from ingredients at home to complex salts, a mere checkup of the nerve to intervention of Artificial Intelligence in the Medical evaluations, and what not! But more or less, all dynamics of the profession are evolving. The sheer fact that Pandemic has restricted the doctors as well the patients to meet thus leading to acceptance of formal telemedicine platforms. Something which was critically analysed and seen with skeptism is now a compulsive option.

Can’t imagine what could be next? Can you?


Source: Gita chapter 6 shloka 17

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