Artificial Intelligence Enhances Telemedicine

Many industries today have started to apply intelligent machines in their everyday activities.  That’s why the web is filled with discussions on Artificial Intelligence. Smart computers are changing the way we do things, and as time goes on, we’re going to be seeing lots of changes.  In this era, we’re using many smart devices in our homes, and even medical practitioners have started to do many things with robots.

We now have video conferencing and virtual clinic to make things easy for people who are too far away to come to the hospital. If a patient is too weak or needs urgent medical attention, he/she can reach the doctors without leaving their homes. Moreover, healthcare practitioners have many gadgets or process which they can use to find out the problem of their patients’ and treat them faster.

Why is AI necessary in the Medical Field

Artificial Intelligence can find out relationships in a large volume of patients’ data, and automatically suggest to the doctors how to save a patient’s life. It makes most of the processes in the hospitals to run automatically. AI removes all those delays that lead to loss of lives when there are many patients in queue for medical attention.  Moreover, it helps healthcare providers to save time and money by making things to work simpler and faster

For instance, AI can make the following process move faster than before.

  1. Gathering of many patient’s information
  2. Processing and analyzing the data to see how they relate to the present conditions 
  3. Providing diagnosis that is correct
  4. Suggesting the right method of treatment
  5. Treating the patients faster
  6. Monitoring the patients undergoing treatments
  7. Making patient’s follow-up easy and on time

AI Applications in the Medical Field

Artificial Intelligence is making things simpler for doctors, hospital management, and even patients. These smart machines are performing those tasks which humans do in lesser time and little costs. Some of the areas where AI is performing greatly in healthcare include:

  1. Efficient and accurate diagnosis

AI has helped doctors to reduce the mistakes they make during diagnosis. It’s not news, but many people have died today due to misdiagnosis. However, applying AI in the process can save lives by reducing errors. It can analyze data from a patient’s history and diagnose disease more quickly than human doctors.

  • New Medicine Development

Before AI came into the picture, pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars and many years to introduce a new drug into the market. The process involved in producing the drugs, conducting clinical trials was not a joke. Sometimes, most of the medicines don’t see the light of the day. By utilizing the speed and analytic prowess of AI, these companies are working faster and recording huge successes.

  • Better and more streamlined patients’ experience

AI is helping the healthcare system to handle a large number of patients who need medical advice or those who need a doctor’s attention quickly. Now, hospitals can treat many patients without stress or failures every day.

  • Medical data mining and management

The volume of the patient’s data in the medical field is always enormous. Sometimes the industry loses them and spends billions trying to manage them. Loss or misuse of data also impedes the fast development of drugs, accurate diagnosis, and production of preventive medicine.  Artificial Intelligence is helping to mine and manage enormous data for innovative practices. 

  • Successful Surgeries using Robots

Many hospitals are now using robots during surgeries to ensure total control, flexibility, precision. These robots perform surgeries without errors using surgical instruments, cameras, and mechanical arms to assist the doctors during operations. The reason for these practices is that surgeries with robots end up more successfully than without them.


Artificial Intelligence has come to improve our way of life. The health care industry is already gaining a lot by using smart computers. It is making things simpler and reducing the hours’ humans spend on a task.  AI is saving more lives and will continue to do so as it evolves. Many healthcare providers who have adopted artificial intelligence are already making huge profits while reducing their costs.

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